Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide

Weekly pool maintenance is necessary if you want your swimming pool to last for a long time. This is particularly true within the Coachella Valley, where the perpetually sunny weather combine to make pools prone to algae buildup. That is not to mention the windy, dusty environment that results in dirt and debris regularly finding their way to your pool.

To help get you started, there is a checklist of weekly pool maintenance steps you need to do in order to keep your pool in tip-top shape:

Weekly Pool Maintenance Clean-Up of Strainers

Every week, there is a huge chance that both of your pool’s skimmer basket and strainer-housing will be full of leaves and debris. Clean both in order to keep the pool water clean and to prevent damage to the filter and strainer (which is bound to happen if you neglect clearing the blockage.)

Clean the Pool Water Itself

The pool water itself will most likely be full of leaves and debris. A skimmer will do the job here, as well as manually picking up any debris that the skimmer can’t handle. This task should be the most straightforward, but it will still require a lot of elbow grease.

Vacuum the Pool Liner

Next, you should use a vacuum to remove any dirt or debris from the floor of the pool liner. This may require some careful consideration because not all vacuums can handle accidentally sucking moist or wet material (or even water), which is a possibility if you are vacuuming so close to the pool.

Weekly Pool Maintenance of the Water

Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide 300x200The water will be one of the most important parts of the pool, especially since it’s the part of the pool that will most likely enter swimmers’ bodies. You have to make sure it is safe. It is done through the following:

  • Testing the water for pH and Alkaline levels
  • Testing the Chlorine levels of the water
  • Adding proper amount of chlorine
  • Using algaecide on the water

Checking of Filter Pressure

This is done in order to prevent the filter from breaking under too much pressure. The good thing about this is that this step only needs to be done every other week.

Free Up Your Time By Hiring a Professional Pool Maintenance Company

If it isn’t obvious from the checklist above, weekly pool maintenance is time consuming and some parts of the process require training and expertise. If you are a simple pool owner who just wants to enjoy a dip or two during a hot day, it is smarter and more efficient to just hire a professional pool service company like CV Pools.

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