Tips on How to Care a Pool While on Vacation

One of the biggest problems pool owners have is when they go on vacation. Preferably, you should pick friends who own a pool themselves as their knowledge of how to care a pool will come in handy. Not that they wouldn’t like to go on one, because vacations are fun! The problem is that when they are away, nobody would be around to maintain the pool. So when they come back a pool that is dirty, unusable, and probably a cesspool for insects will greet them.

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Fortunately, there are ways to keep the pool clear while you are on vacation. Here are some starting tips:


Ask a Neighbor or a Friend to Clean it While Your Are Away

If you have some really good friends who are willing to help, then you can ask them to come around from time to time to empty the skimmer baskets and skim the surface, along with all the necessary tasks such as checking the filter pressure or testing the water with test strips. Make sure it’s a friend that you really trust, as you are literally handing him the keys to your home.


Adjust Your Pool Pump Timer Properly

In order to keep your pool water clean, you need to avoid letting it go stagnant. But you can’t run your pool pump 24/7 while you are away, because that will make it prone to breakage and you’ll find yourself looking for pool pump repair near me soon. So assuming that you already have a timer for the pump, adjust it so it runs from 8 to 12 hours a day, or better split them up in different times of the day to ensure that the water isn’t stagnant for long periods of time. If you don’t have a timer for your pool pump yet, then you need to purchase one ASAP.

Check the Water Before You Go

Before you go on your vacation, you might want to check your water to ensure that the pH and alkalinity levels are properly balanced, and that the sanitizer levels are correct. There are test kits that can be bought from the pool store that will let you test for the proper levels of alkaline, pH, calcium hardness, bromine, biguanide, chlorine, and all other pertinent factors that will affect a pool water’s clarity.

Hire a Professional Pool Maintenance Company

Finally, you can just go ahead and let professionals handle the maintenance. There are credible pool maintenance companies that you can hire to care for your pool while you are away. All you need is give them access to the area that contains the pool and arrange for a schedule. It is best to go for companies that are established in order to protect your security, as these professional pool service companies can be trusted compared to just hiring random individuals as pool cleaners. Additionally, professional pool cleaners will be very experienced and will know how to clean your pool even when you are not around to supervise.