Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

We are the best choice for professional pool cleaning and maintenance services within the La Quinta and Coachella Valley area because this is more than just work for us. We are first and foremost pool enthusiasts, and we understand the business both from the perspective of pool maintenance experts and the perspective of people who simply want to use and enjoy their swimming pool.


This means when we care for your pool, we are customer-centric and will go out of our way to ensure that the end-goal is comfort and enjoyment for the clients, as they go about their days enjoying all the benefits of having access to a swimming pool. At C.V. Pools, we do all the dirty work so that you can focus on getting wet, wild, and happy swimming or lounging around the pool.

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Some of our services include:

  • Pool Cleaning – we do more than just remove leaves from your pool. We inspect your pool equipment and the pool itself in order to ensure that everything is in working order. Included with this is that we clean out the skimmer, the pump baskets, and even vacuum the pool floors. This service also includes testing of the water chemistry and checking of the chlorinators to ensure that the chlorine packs is always full.


  • Pool Pump Maintenance – the pool pump is one of the most important parts of a swimming pool, as it serves as the heart of the pool. A poorly working pump will result in an ugly, unsafe, and smelly pool. This s why C.V. Pools make it a point to make regular checks and maintenance of the pool pumps.


  • Repair of Parts – any part of a swimming pool, from the pumps to the filter, can be broken without the owners knowing about it immediately. All of them have the potential to make the pool unsightly and a detriment to a person’s health, but some of them can be downright dangerous if not repaired. So we do inspections and coordinate with pool owners in order to catch potential breakage or to find out if there are parts of the pool in need of repair.


  • Repairs of Pool Lights – this is particularly important, as servicing of electrical components in a swimming pool is not something that should be done by homeowners without training, as it could lead to fatal accidents. Our staff are all professionally trained and can handle repairs or replacement of malfunctioning pool lights or other sensitive electrical devices on the swimming pool.


  • Water Leakage Solutions – any leakage in a swimming pool needs to be addressed with urgency. This is particularly true in Coachella Valley where the warm climate makes water evaporation more likely, but it’s also because the area is prone to tremors and seismic changes, which could result in cracks or breaks in the pool. The water leakage from these cracks could bring more trouble than simply losing out on usable water. It may actually lead to fires when the water makes its way to electrical wiring or structural damage.


  • Weekly Cleanings – regular cleaning is important, even if the pool is not regularly cleaned. So we will work closely with the client in order to set a regular schedule for cleaning, and we will even accommodate requests for cleaning even in days where no one is around. Our employees are all trustworthy, and everything we do is properly monitored and documented so homeowners can rest assured that our staff will not do anything untoward during their work.


  • Unscheduled Pool Maintenance – we understand that sometimes, a pool may get dirty or a pump may break outside of the regular cleaning schedule. C.V. Pools is the perfect company for these needs because we will accommodate unscheduled pool maintenance requests. Perfect for those unscheduled parties or surprise events that need a perfectly functional and clean swimming pool.

Best of all, we provide documentation and reports for all the work we do, so you can easily check and verify whether we have done our job, as well as the extent and quality. We don’t leave anything to chance and give you all the means to verify that you are getting your money’s worth.

You have to choose us whether you need only one or all of the above services. We strive to satisfy the client, and so will work closely with you in order to come up with the best possible price for the services!

We Are Well Loved By Our Clients

There is a good reason why we’re one of the most recognizable names in La Quinta when it comes to pool maintenance services – we are always upfront about our services, and we listen closely to clients with regard to their needs. We do not resort to hidden charges and will never manipulate the fine print just to eke a little more profit out of a client. Instead, we strive to earn the business that clients entrust us with by providing a timely, efficient service that corresponds with their budget. We would be lying if we say that profit is not in our minds because we are a business, but we understand that the proper and ethical approach to earning said profits is by providing valuable, affordable, and enjoyable pool cleaning and maintenance services to clients.

We bank on trust, dependability, and a reputation that has taken us years to build with the help of our team of pool experts, and past clients who have nothing bad to say about the service we provide.