Pool Service Palm Desert Residents Can Count On: CV Pools

When it comes to Pool Service Palm Desert residents need, it does not really matter whether it’s a commercial swimming pool or a residential one, the unique climate in Palm Desert is unforgiving and hiring the most dependable company should be priority. Dust, debris, and algae build up are common. Fortunately, this desert-like climate is also the reason why swimming pools are very popular in the area. Nothing beats Palm Desert’s scorching sun than a dip in the pool.

As a pool owner, you need to stay on top of things and make sure that the pool is always clean, safe, and ready to use. You can’t leave things like this to a random pool boy or the neighborhood kid. You need to hire a pool service Palm Desert company, and you need to hire the best.

The Pool Service Palm Desert Residents Should Choose

pool service palm desertCV Pools is a family-owned pool service company that has been serving Palm Desert and neighboring areas for more than a decade now. We are fully equipped and knowledgeable when it comes to maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and upgrade of swimming pools and any related equipment.

Some of the service we provide include:

  • Debris removal below and above water level
  • Visual inspection of water for color, clarity, and visible contaminants
  • Chemical treatment of water to balance pH levels
  • Scheduling of maintenance
  • Weekly service calls to keep your swimming pool in top shape

CV Pools’ goal is customer satisfaction, so we are always willing to accommodate unique requests from clients, and will adjust any part of the agreement to ensure that the job is done properly and to the specifications. Contact us now and ensure that your pool is at its peak level of performance day in and day out.

CV Pools is a Provider of Pool Service Palm Desert Residents Can Trust

Since we are a family-owned business, we take pride in the fact that our clients get to know us on a first name basis if they want to. The pool service we provide is custom-tailored to the specific preferences of a client, and we ensure that all of their pool-related needs are taken care of, even if it is not explicitly stated in our packages or plans.

We Will Save You Time and Money

Instead of wasting all of your time scrubbing, draining, cleaning pools and wasting money on ineffective cleaning equipment or chemicals, CV Pools will handle everything. You will be free to spend your time on more productive and enjoyable activities, while we ensure that the cleaning process is done fast and as cost-efficient as possible.

Call us now at 760-574-3530 in order to get the best pool service palm desert residents can expect from a credible company. We will have one of our customer service representatives answer all of your questions and give you a FREE quote.