Pool Service Palm Desert Facts

Pool Service Palm Desert is a fairly involved process that goes beyond a single shirtless pool boy with a net coming in every week to clean the pool of debris. The swimming pools in Palm Desert are always battered by the desert resort city’s unforgiving climate. This can be irony at work, because it is that same weather that made swimming pools so popular in the city. Who doesn’t want a dip in the pool during after a hot, dusty day?

The problems with this is that the pools and its equipment are more likely to have problems, compared to areas where the sun isn’t constantly reheating everything while the wind blows dust and debris in its direction. This makes pool repair palm desert a sought-after service in the city. Before you go out and find a pool service palm desert, it may be handy to learn a few of these pool service facts:

A Pool Guy is More Than Just a Guy with a Net

What pool cleaners do may seem mundane, especially if you don’t watch them at work. But the truth is that they have a lot more skills and expertise than what people give them credit for. They are basically housecleaners and mechanics rolled into one. If your poolguy does not fit the criteria, then you may have hired the wrong cleaning company.

Without Pool Service Palm Desert, the Pool’s Lifespan is Shortened

pool service palm desert 300x225The longevity of your pool’s lifespan depends on regular maintenance. If you don’t do any maintenance, the lifespan of the pool itself could be reduced to a quarter of what the manufacturer intended. And it is not just maintenance needed. You need proper maintenance. So make sure you hire a pool repair palm desert company that’s qualified. Find a qualified pool repair company near you.

Saltwater Pools Require More Maintenance

There is this huge misconception that saltwater pools require less maintenance because the salt does the work of chlorine. However, most saltwater pools don’t have enough salt to mimic the natural bacteria-cleansing effects of the ocean.  And without proper maintenance, the salt could break down into harmful chemicals like hydrochloric acid. What’s worse, salt water will be more aggressive on steel parts of the pool – the ladder handles, the pool pumps, and any other metal part of the pool will corrode faster.

The More Sun There is, the Less Effective Chlorine Gets

This is of particular significance in Palm Desert, where it’s sunny all year-round. Chlorine dissipates under direct sunlight. While swimming pools in other areas can get away with chlorination every other week, it only takes a few days for a pool in Palm Desert to lose the benefits of liquid chlorine.

It’s Not Cost-Effective to Do it On Your Own

Finally, we should address the misconception that you could save on costs if you do the cleaning and repair yourself. There are hidden costs that will eventually add up:

  • cleaning materials
  • equipment
  • and additional repairs if you make a mistake

That’s not even mentioning all the time you waste when you can have experts like CV Pools doing the backbreaking work. Time is money, as they say. So before you go out and try to do everything on your own, contact us at CV Pools and see how much more cost-efficient our service can get.