Pool Maintenance: The Most Common Problems

Solar-powered heaters are some of the best things that you can install on your pool, as it ensures that you have control over the temperature of your pool and can therefore go for a swim any time of the day you want. It also has the obvious advantage of relying only on abundant solar power, which keeps costs down and also helps the environment. But of course, there is the matter of pool maintenance and repair.

Like most electrical equipment and devices, a solar pool heater can break or malfunction if it is not being serviced from time to time. The question for solar heated pools is when exactly should they consider getting maintenance and repair services?

For most people, especially those with relatively new heaters, scheduling repairs is far from their minds because their heaters have not broken down or acted up yet. If you belong in this category, it is best to schedule the repairs and maintenance during winter. This ensures that the pool will be in tip-top shape during the summer months, which is usually the time when the pool is in frequent use.

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The reasoning is two-fold, the heater will be in perfect shape at times when it is most needed during the summer, and second – the maintenance will happen during winter when the pool is rarely used, which means the repairs and servicing will not be disruptive to people who want to use the pool. You can also expect to have an easier time scheduling visits by pool service companies during winter, because during summer months they will be very busy servicing large clients such as pool resorts and spas. Find the best pool service and repair in Palm Springs.

Common Pool Maintenance Tips

So now that you know the time of the year when pool heating repairs are best scheduled, you should also be aware of the most common problems that need fixing, such as:

  • Leaks – leaks are usually easily fixed, but the problem is that they are not easily noticed and most pool owners only realize they have a problem when the heater has been dormant for a while, by which time the problem has already exacerbated to the point where it is more costly to repair. This is why preventive pool maintenance is important, catching leaks early on could save you a lot on repairs.
  • Matting is Coming Off – temperature changes and strong winds can cause the matting of a solar pool heater to come off over time, and this can result in dirt and debris accumulating under the matting. We fix this quite easily by cleaning the area under the matting and then regluing it.
  • Storm Damage – this is nobody’s fault, as there’s no way any one can control the weather, but it is still important to contact us immediately in the event that a major storm damages your pool heating system. The damage could be extensive, and we need to assess your system completely to ensure that any damage – even the non-obvious – is caught and repaired. This is crucial because undetected damage can be harmful if not caught in advance.

So when you need pool care solutions palm springs, or simply need immediate pool repair service near me, do not hesitate to contact us so we can work out a service package that addresses your needs without breaking your budget.