Pool Maintenance Basics

Pool maintenance basics, while not really that different from maintenance for pools in other parts of the country, is unique in some ways due to the particular weather in the desert city. Pools in the desert community are always under assault by the extremely hot sun and by all the dust and debris carried by the winds. If you want tips on true pool maintenance basics, you can start with the following:

Pool Maintenance Basics’ Most Important Part: Keeping the Water Clean

pool maintenance palm springs 300x225The water is essentially the most important part of the pool, but it is also the most sensitive part. If you don’t keep it clean, the pool will end up with one or more of the following:

  • ugly
  • unpleasant to swim in
  • dangerous and disease-ridden

But there’s a lot more to pool maintenance basics than simply keeping the water clean. You have to find the balance. There is such a thing as overdoing things, because if you use too much chlorine you could end up hurting the swimmers. There is this misconception that a pool is clean if it smells strongly of chlorine. The truth is that chlorinated water should be odorless and colorless. Reduce the chlorine you put in if you notice a strong smell and discoloration.

Be Vigilant Against Algae

Algae buildup, which is easily seen if the pool is green and full of brackish water, is one thing you don’t want to sleep on. Algae growth will make the pool look ugly, and can lead to diseases. It also makes the pool and the affected areas way too slippery. In the worst outbreak cases, you may need to contact the professionals to do a proper job. Find out how CV Pools can help you with algae buildups.

Don’t Cheap Out on the Water Pump

Stagnant water is a filthy, disease-ridden water. Regularly draining the water is not only time-consuming, but also wasteful. This means all swimming pools should have a water pump in order to keep the water flowing. But don’t fall for the trap of buying a cheap pump just to save on costs – if you don’t invest on a quality pump, you will end up spending significantly more on repairs and replacement, not to mention it could become hazardous to swimmers if the pump suffers a particularly nasty breakdown while in use.

Clean the Gutters Regularly

The gutters tend to get ignored most of the time, mostly because it is out of sight and therefore out of mind. But do not forget that dirt in the gutter will also end up going back to the pool when water is splashed on the gutter. So keep it clean if you don’t want dirt and debris making the rounds in the water.

Hire a Professional Pool Maintenance Company

Most of the time, it is simply more cost-effective to hire professionals to do the job. You save on time, you can be sure that things are done right the first time around, and you could end up saving on hidden costs that normally crop up if you try to turn pool maintenance into a DIY project. Contact CV Pools and we’ll help you sort out your pool troubles.