The Most Common Pool Repairs

Swimming Pools, despite how simple they look, are a lot more complex than just a hole in the ground filled to the brim with water. Everything from the pool pumps to the filter, and right down to the water itself, require maintenance and upkeep and may require servicing from time to time. Here at CV Pools, we offer a wide variety of pool repairs services that can address the most common needs of pool owners, such as:

General Pool Repairs and Service

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A swimming pool without any of the basic pool equipment will be mucky, dirty, and generally unsafe for humans to swim in. To keep a swimming pool safe and pleasing to look at, you need a filtration pump to filter out all of the nasty pollutants and to keep the water from stagnating, chlorine to kill some of the nasty bacteria and germs that could otherwise lead to diseases, a heater to ensure that the pool is usable even during really cold days, a timer control system for when you want to automate the opening of the heater and the pumps, and various valves and diverters. Each of this various equipment is very important and a must, but they can suffer from breakdown over time and probably sooner if not maintained.

Pool Pump Repairs

Pool pumps are one of the most important parts of the pool, and as such, required to run as much as possible. It is advisable to keep it running at least half a day every single day. This leads to overuse and the pumps breaking down or forming a leak. The worse part is that they tend to go unnoticed, due to a large amount of water involved in a pool making it hard to see if there’s a leak somewhere. To spot leaks, pool owners should regularly check the concrete that the pumps are sitting on, as this is the place where leaks will be most conspicuous. If you spot a leak, it is time to call us to schedule pool repairs as soon as possible.

Pool Filter Repairs

The importance of a swimming pool filter relies on it keeping the water as pristine as possible. It will not necessarily make your pool water potable, but it can filter out chemicals, debris, and other elements that can make a pool not only dirty but also cloudy over time. It can be very easy to spot an improperly functioning filter, as the effects will be readily seen on the quality of the water, but by the time this is noticed, the filter is already broken or in need of cleaning.

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heaters serve the function of making the pool usable in weathers that would normally make people freeze upon contact with the water. Like any device that runs on electricity, it can break down over time. In which case it is not something that the average pool owner can fix. In which case you need to call us so we can check the problem, do some repairs, and provide advice on things to do in order to prolong the heater’s life as much as possible.