Cathedral City Pool Service Professionals

Don’t trust just anyone with your pool services. When you want to have a pool that you can safely swim in no matter the season, you will want to work with C.V. Pool Service and Repair.

Our family owned business has been serving the Desert area for over 10 years. We can handle everything from the maintenance of your pool to the repairs of your pool equipment.

Whether you have a traditional backyard pool or a luxury swimming retreat, our experienced team is ready to provide you with comprehensive service.

Our pool services include:

Removing debris both below and above water level

Visually inspecting water for clarity, color, and visible contaminants

Water is treated chemically and tested to adjust the pH levels

Exact maintenance requirements will be scheduled for your specific pool

Weekly service calls to maintain your swimming pool

Our goal is to provide you with complete customer satisfaction and a feeling of relief knowing that your pool is always ready to swim in. Call us today to make sure that your pool is always operating at a peak level of performance.


CV Pools is the Best Pool Service and Repair Company in Cathedral City!

We at C.V. Pools in Cathedral City are committed to providing pool owners with the best pool service and repair providers in the region. We know that swimming pools are meant for the property owner’s enjoyment. There is no need to waste time worrying about the state of the pool itself, when that time is better used setting up BBQ pool parties or simply taking a dip during one of Cathedral City’s infamous hot sunny days. Leave all the worrying about the health of the pumps, motors, filters, and even water quality to C.V. Pools – our team of expert pool technicians will keep your swimming pool in tip-top shape, ready for use any time you want.

We take the matter of swimming pool upkeep seriously. We treat every client’s pool as our own, and we leverage years of experience and training in ensuring that the pool is aesthetically pleasing, optimally functional, and completely safe to use. We are the best at what we do, and we are one of the few pool maintenance and repair companies in the region to offer comprehensive pool care services. We do more than just the work of a “pool guy.” Our pool technicians essentially have the combined skillsets of cleaners and mechanics, and they are perfectly qualified to handle anything related to swimming pools. This includes everything from simply checking the health of your pool pumps to testing the ph levels in the water, and even controlling algae growth.

All pool owners feel proud of their own pool, as not only does it add value to the property – it also brings joy and convenience to visitors. Additionally, a well maintained pool will make any property look very serene and beautiful. A pool is also very beneficial in a place like Cathedral City where the climate is warm all year round. Nothing beats having a pool to dip into right at your own backyard, every time the heat gets unbearable.

What’s more, a backyard with a swimming pool can also play host to many events and activities. Instead of renting out expensive gardens and pools, you can save a lot of money by hosting events right at home. This ability to save on hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on hosting events make it even more worthwhile to secure the services of C.V. Pools. Call us at 760 -574-3530 today and we will be happy to give you a FREE quote and consultation on your pool.

If you have a swimming pool that already suffers from various problems, don’t waste any time and contact us now. We are always happy to be of service and will do everything in our power to bring your ailing swimming pool back to shape.

We are aware that there are more than a handful of pool service and repair companies operating in the area. The perpetually hot, sunny weather in Southern California ensures that many property owners would choose to have their own swimming pools. A pool enhances the overall home experience and drives up the value of a property.

Southern Californina is unique in the sense that there’s always ample opportunity and lots of reasons for the urge to go “for a dip” to arise. This is why having a swimming pool is not a trend in the place, but more of a necessity that people aspire to. But the tradeoff to this is the maintenance needs. Maintaining a swimming pool is a huge commitment that can easily eat into a home owner’s personal time and resources. The average person simply doesn’t have the time nor the desire needed for proper pool maintenance. This is where CV Pools comes in.

Our aim is to take on the huge responsibility of caring for a home’s swimming pool, so that the home owner will be free to invest his or her time towards activities that are more pressing and/or enjoyable. Why waste time going through every nook and cranny of a pool checking for water ph levels and pool pump integrity, when you can use that time to host an awesome BBQ party instead? Leave all the messy, complex, and time-consuming pool maintenance tasks to C.V. Pool’s team of expert pool technicians and cleaners.

Think of it this way: would you rather spend your weekends scrubbing pool walls, filtering out dirt and debris, cleaning tiles, repairing pool pumps, and all the tedious maintenance tasks? Or would you rather just spend weekends relaxing by a clean, refreshing pool while CV Pools does all the maintenance while you are doing more productive tasks? The answer should be easy.

Leave all the dull but important pool upkeep tasks to us. We are confident that we’ll do the best job you’ll ever encounter. Our company is made up of expert pool cleaners and technicians with years of experience and training. We are very efficient, and maintenance work that would take other pool guys a day or so of work will only take us a couple of hours. We arrive and we do our work as efficiently and as fast as we can, and then we’ll leave you to use the pool like it was new. Our main goal is convenience, as you get to enjoy the benefits of a well maintained pool without worrying about downtimes or unnecessary costs.

CV Pool Service and Repair Can Handle Everything Pool Related

  • Chemical Treatment
  • Pool Clean-up
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Algae Treatment
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Acid Washes
  • Equipment Inspection

We are also capable of handling any problems with pool equipment, whether it’s maintenance, repair, or replacement procurement, covering the ff:

  • Pool Equipment & Electrical
  • Lights and Fixtures
  • Heaters
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Filter Replacement
  • Valve, PSI Gauge and more


 Need the Best Pool Service and Repair Near Cathedral City? Call Us Today!

A swimming pool is as much of a necessity in Cathedral City as a car. With the area’s awesome yet consistently warm climate, a swimming pool can give you much-needed R & R and ample time to cool down. It is the only way you can enjoy the sun without struggling with the heat. Cathedral City offers a ton of opportunities for backyard BBQs, kiddie parties, or evening social parties with friends – all of these will benefit from a ready-to-use swimming pool. This is why it is vital that your swimming pool is regularly maintained and cleaned.

You don’t want to entrust your swimming pool service and repair to a random Cathedral City pool cleaning company, especially ones that advertise their services as cheap but just show up and do nothing outside of adding a few chemicals to your pool and doing an incomplete cleaning of the filter and the water. If you want true comprehensive cleaning and inspection of your pool, look no further than CV Pools. It is what we do.

We make it our priority to keep the water in your pool shining and shimmering, without any trace of algae or debris. We also take into account lighting and fixtures, as well as the frequently neglected things such as the water’s pH balance and the chlorine levels of the pool.

Highest Quality Pool Services in Cathedral City

CV Pool’s staff are all expertly-trained, highly-skilled, and fully committed to providing the highest quality of service and value to clients. We will do everything in our capacity to ensure that any concern or question is addressed. So if you have any pool service or pool repair related question, do not hesitate to contact us at 760-574-3530. Our team members are always on standby to provide assistance.

We Are a Comprehensive Pool Service Business

We fix everything from filters, pool alarms, heaters, vacuums, pumps, vacuum hose, jets, etc. Even if there is a concern that we are not currently well-equipped to handle, we have partnerships with credible third party companies that can help fix all of your problems. For everything that is even remotely related to swimming pools, you only need one name: CV Pools.


We don’t believe in trying to compete on price, as it is common sense that businesses that drive prices down usually achieve dirt-cheap rates by relying on substandard equipment, untrained staff, or not doing a proper job. Instead, CV Pools guarantees that you will get rates that are custom tailored to your needs and budget. We will provide you the most affordable services, without sacrificing anything with regard to quality of our service. We offer competitive prices AND service at the same time, and we don’t take shortcuts with anything.


Besides being expert pool cleaners and pool technicians, every single team member at CV pools is trained in customer service. So whether you’re talking to a pool cleaner or one of the owners, you can be sure to get a customer-centric service that values your time, money, and needs above all else. We are professionals in every sense of the word. When you secure our services, you can expect the best service your money can buy, and your pool will be kept in tip-top shape and perfectly usable every time you need it.

So are you ready to secure the services of the best pool company in Cathedral City? Call us now at 760-574-3530 and we’ll have one of our customer service representatives answer all of your questions and give you a FREE quote.

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